Tour overview

One of the most picturesque and impressive excursion routes in Georgia to Mount Kazbegi runs through the azure waters of the Zhinvali reservoir, against which in any weather stunning photos are obtained. Further along the Georgian Military Road – visiting the Ananuri fortress, perfectly preserved to our times.

After a short stop at the confluence of the White and Black Aragvi, we head to the famous observation deck of the People’s Friendship Arch at an altitude of 2385m, where you have the opportunity (if you wish) to paraglide and enjoy an unsurpassed bird’s eye view of the landscape of mountainous Georgia. Passing the Cross Pass (2395 m above sea level), along the sources of the Terek, you find yourself in Stepantsmin, from where real highlanders will take you by off-road vehicles to the Gergeti Trinity Church, which majestically flaunts against the background of snow-capped mountains at the foot of the great Kazbegi.



  • wather

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  • entrane tickets, paragliding fee