Tour overview

Individual one-day

The price depends of the number of people in the company: 
120 $ - from 1 to 3 guests, car - Sedan, driver-guide; 
280 $ - from 4 to 8 guests, car - Mercedes-Benz Vito , driver-guide; 
270 $ - from 9 to 16 guests, car - Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, driver and guide.

Excursion program:
– KTW winery
– “Wineriya Kakheti” winery
– Bodbe monastery
– Sighnaghi the city of love
– fortress wall in Sighnaghi

Description of the excursion:
Kakheti is a wine-growing region in eastern Georgia. This is a great trip to visit beautiful places, taste delicious local cuisine, listen to the history of the region, but most important goal is to hear about Georgian wine production technology and taste wines from different microzones of Kakheti.
The first stop will be at the KTW winery – “Kakheti Traditional Winemaking”. You will visit bottling wine factory, where you will be told about the technologies and the range of wine that are produced, and you will taste different variety of wines.
Then you will drive to the small winery “Vineriya Kakheti”. There you will be told about wine with love, and you will feel how Georgians treat the wines of their homeland. You will taste several varieties of Georgian wines and learn about the traditional Georgian way of making wine, included in the list of heritage of mankind by UNESCO experts. After all, Georgia is recognized as the birthplace of winemaking.
Next, you will head to the Bodbe Monastery, where the remains of St. Nino is, and will get pleased by beautiful views of the Alazani Valley, which is also called the Kakheti Plain; it is an ideal place for growing grapes.
Sighnaghi city is waiting for you after, locals name is “little Georgian Italy” better known as the city of love. You will visit the Great Georgian Wall – the largest fortification in Georgia, the length of the wall is about 5 km with 28 watchtowers, which also offers a beautiful view of the Alazani Valley. We will conclude our excursion with dinner in traditional Georgian restaurant.

Additional expenses:

Important points:
meeting point – you will be picked up from your place of residence in Tbilisi;
the starting time of the excursion is recommended at 9:00;
excursion duration is about 10 hours.

Enjoy your trip!

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